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West Central Railway Mazdoor sangh

Before introducing the organization of WCRMS. It is essential to describe how it has been formed ? On the 16th May 1948 during second session of INTUC given affiliation to INRWF. INRWF has further become NFIR since 19th May 1953. NFIR further given affiliation to local /regional trade organization for different zonal Railways at that time we were working under CRMS and partially on WCRMS. In the year 2003 Railway Board introduced some more Railway zones. On 1st April 2003 WCR came into force with Jabalpur /Bhopal and one more Division KTT from WR. With establishment of new Railway zones vifercation of CRMS and WRMS became required. For this purpose an Executive meeting was held on 20-02-2003 at Indore to frame the new trade union. In that meeting Shri R.P. Bhatnagar, Shri H.L. Gandhi, Shri K.V. Vichare, K.K. Sharma, Ashok Sharma, J.P. Awasthi and so many other delegates were present and decided to form the WCRMS.

Railway Board under his official L.No. E/LR/iii/2002/LRI/5 dated 28.02.2002 and 08.08.2002 under section XXV of IREM approved the WCRMS finally on 26.03.2003 . Registrar of Trade union (Madhya Pradesh) Shri L.K. Pandey given affiliation to WCRMS under Registration No. 5910 on 24-03-03. On the day 29th April WCR Administration authorized WCRMS to constitute a new zonal body .